Hedgerow & City and Sea

I’m very pleased to have two poems appearing in issue #100 of hedgerow: a journal of small poems—thank you, Caroline Skanne! This is also a rare print & online hedgerow issue.

Frequency Writers replied to me this week, too, saying they will include one of my “long” poems in their up-coming City and Sea Anthology. This is the second year of this anthology, featuring work inspired by Rhode Island’s urban and ocean ecosystems. The spring release will be commemorated with an author reading—more details to follow. Thank you, too, Frequency!

—Tom Sacramona

moongarlic issue 7

I am very happy to have a poem appearing in issue 7 of moongarlic!

Many thanks to editors Sheila Windsor and Brendan Slater! Back in August I was so excited to learn that they accepted my one-line haiku, written only days prior in July—and for my girlfriend, Lisa.

In the haiku scene, moongarlic occupies a place for gendai and traditional haiku. Mostly focusing on new approaches to this ancient form makes moongarlic contemporaries with Bones, is/let, NOON, and the former R’R. In the past they have published some of my favorite poets: David J. Kelly, Simon Hanson, LeRoy Gorman, Helen Buckingham, Larry Kimmel, Carolyn Hall, Johnny Baranski, Melissa Allen, Dan Scherwin—I could go on and on, so many great poets have appeared here, including current Haiku Society of America President, Fay Aoyagi.

Here is my published poem below:

her skin not a petal yet in bloom

Go visit moongarlic and see the other wonderful poets!

—Tom Sacramona

Remembering Haiku Elvis (Carlos Colón)

Haiku poet and extraordinary mentor, Carlos Colón, passed away on October 30, 2016. I offer my condolences for the loss of Carlos to his family and friends. The haiku community with be less vibrant without his presence. I only knew Carlos through editorial exchanges with Under the Basho 2016, but he was a patient and dedicated editor, and he will be sorely missed.

The Haiku Foundation offered this message to the haiku community about Carlos’ passing on Thursday, November 3rd. Also, on The Haiku Foundation website, Carlos Colón’s book “Mountain Climbing” (1993) is available as a PDF for free—I encourage everyone to examine this highly anthologized poet—a specialist of concrete poetry and the humorous verse.

Carlos was the editor for the Concrete Haiku category of Under the Basho 2016, and you can read my poems Carlos accepted here. I feel privileged to have had Carlos work with me on the first poem, “long division”, where he offered significant guidance. I am forever grateful I had this opportunity to correspond with him, however briefly. Carlos was dedicated to his craft and to teaching others the way of haiku. Thank you, Carlos.

As the webmaster of UtB2016, Hansha Teki, said of Carlos, “He was one in more than 6 billion and I am still trying to adjust to his absence.”

—Tom Sacramona