moongarlic issue 7

I am very happy to have a poem appearing in issue 7 of moongarlic!

Many thanks to editors Sheila Windsor and Brendan Slater! Back in August I was so excited to learn that they accepted my one-line haiku, written only days prior in July—and for my girlfriend, Lisa.

In the haiku scene, moongarlic occupies a place for gendai and traditional haiku. Mostly focusing on new approaches to this ancient form makes moongarlic contemporaries with Bones, is/let, NOON, and the former R’R. In the past they have published some of my favorite poets: David J. Kelly, Simon Hanson, LeRoy Gorman, Helen Buckingham, Larry Kimmel, Carolyn Hall, Johnny Baranski, Melissa Allen, Dan Scherwin—I could go on and on, so many great poets have appeared here, including current Haiku Society of America President, Fay Aoyagi.

Here is my published poem below:

her skin not a petal yet in bloom

Go visit moongarlic and see the other wonderful poets!

—Tom Sacramona


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