Community No. 20

Digging Through The Fat

Thanks to Erica Goss, Tom Sacramona, Karen Paul Holmes, J. Alan Nelson, Anna Villegas, Fred Skolnik, Clive Collins, Oren Shafir, Steven Mayoff, and Lydia Armstrong for these links. We’re so proud to share your works with our Digging community. Congrats to all!

Erica Goss

Contemporary Realism

One, January 30, 2017

Early Morning, San Bernardino, 1969

Contrary, March 2016

Tom Sacramona

For Camille Claudel

The Scarecrow, February 16, 2017


Stone Soldier

is/let, January 27, 2017

Karen Paul Holmes

The Woman Who Can’t Stop Taking Photos of Sunsets

Blue Five Notebook, May 2015


Crossing Off Days

Cortland Review, Issue 72, August 2016

J. Alan Nelson

Time Pulled Apart

Review Americana, Spring 2008


Can You Stop Reading Harry Potter A Moment

Commonline Journal, Winter 2009

Anna Villegas

College To Go

The Huffington Post, March 10, 2010

Only in My Dreams

The Eloquent Atheist, January 25, 2008


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