Hedgerow #100

Caroline Skanne, founding editor of hedgerow: a journal of small poems, just released the special year-end issue and the publications 100th issue! Congratulations, hedgerow!

I have two poems in it, my first appearance in hedgerow – many thanks again, Caroline! I’m always proud to have a poem standing beside favorite haiku authors I admire and revere.

Check out this issue available online and in print.

open mic night
the harmonica player
starts to sing

© Tom Sacramona

Hedgerow & City and Sea

I’m very pleased to have two poems appearing in issue #100 of hedgerow: a journal of small poems—thank you, Caroline Skanne! This is also a rare print & online hedgerow issue.

Frequency Writers replied to me this week, too, saying they will include one of my “long” poems in their up-coming City and Sea Anthology. This is the second year of this anthology, featuring work inspired by Rhode Island’s urban and ocean ecosystems. The spring release will be commemorated with an author reading—more details to follow. Thank you, too, Frequency!

—Tom Sacramona